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Central Funeral Care

Your Journey of Pre-planning Starts from Here

Why Pre-Planning?

Pre-plan funeral contracts usually cover the entire process from the moment of deth to the funeral, such as type of funeral and religious services, duration and location of wake service, management of remains or even the preferred casket and costumes of the deceased.

With the set up of pre-planning, it will empower the family to face the difficult time of the passing of their loved ones having to concern the financial decision and unfamiliar details of the funeral while mourning for the loss. Families can then proceed with confidence that they are acting in accordance to the wishes of the deceased and freedom to cope with the loss and say goodbye.

The distress of losing your loved ones can be so tense and lost. By having a pre-planning it can resolve and set you free from all the stresses in such difficult times. By just a phone call, we will reach out to you with my specialist Nirvana bereavement care service team to consult and organise all necessary things for you and your family – the final resting place & memorial ceremony for your loved ones.