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Burial Plots

All Nirvana Memorial Parks are design in a harmonious manner with landscaping inspired by its natural surroundings. Picturesque and tranquil, it soothes the soul and calms the heart. For those who find eternal rest here, it is simply an idyllic place to find peace. While for the living, it’s an excellent Feng Shui which promotes the prosperity of the family generation after generation.

For added peace of mind and convenience, the memorial park is diligently managed through a systematic and comprehensive maintenance support with modern facilities, wide paved roads for easy access and ample parking spaces. Nirvana Asia provides a variety of burial plot choices which include Royal Family, Family Plot, Double and Singe Plots with different tomb designs catering to the needs of the Buddhists, Taoists, Christians and other religions.

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Columbaria or Niches

For what it lacks in individuality, columbaria is changing the way we memorialise and honour the departed through architecture of unparalleled magnificence. Increasing constraints of land space and growing popularity of cremation serve as an inspiration for Nirvana to create and design columbaria as eternal homes of peerless grandeur and artistic splendour yet centre as their choice of preference.

By integrating 5-star elements such as air-conditioning, cafes, resting lounges, memorial parlours, activities centres, beautiful interior design and comfortable furnishings in columbaria, Nirvana includes prioritizing visitor comfort as our first priority while paying the highest respects to the deceased. Regardless of beliefs and spirituality, Nirvana’s columbaria provide for all needs and walks of life.

Types of Columbaria

Modern Columbarium
– A harmonious Fusion of Traditional
Luxury Columbarium
– A stunning vision of beauty and wonder
Ancient Chinese Architecture Columbarium
– An opulent design reminiscent of ancient times
Christian Columbarium
– Spiritual comfort meets contemporary sensibilities
Rhyme of Life
– Treasure memories remembered are hearts
reunited again
Urn Garden
– U unity of concepts

Prayer / Funeral Packages

Our Nirvana’s prayer package or life plan provides a very comprehensive bereavement services to cater for all religion beliefs. From initial consultation, transportation from home / hospital to wake service, documentation collection, cremation or to the burial site, we have a very special bereavement service team to cater for your needs during such difficult times. With more than 30 years if experience in the bereavement industry, Nirvana offers the best services to all our clients located in the different regions of Malaysia with transparent prices and detailed listing of service in our legally binding contract for every package you selected.

Our Nirvana Life Plans or Prayers Packages aim to ensure the funeral planning process be hassle-free as possible by combining our best services and products in 4 easy and most popular to choose plans. The plans come in different price ranges to address every budgetary concern for Buddhist, Taoist, Christian and including Free-thinker. We also have customizable elements to choose according to individual needs and preference.

Prayer Package for Buddhist / Taoist

NV Elegant (A) RM 30,800 & NV Elegant Plus RM 33,800 with 12 units of GHR **

Prayer Package for Christian / Catholic

NV Gracious RM19,800

Prayer Package for Free
-Thinker, Sokka Gakkai / I-Kuan Tao / Sri Lanka / Vajrayana or Bahai

NV Memory RM20,800 with 6 units of GHR **

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**GHR Terms & Conditions apply with Full Payment only. Learn more about GHR.

All Nirvana’s prayers package or life plan comes with:

– Initial consultation
– 24-hour Careline
– Embalmment handling and Encoffinment Service
– Setting up of Memorial Ceremony (home or Parlor)
– Coordination of Funeral Service & Memorial Ceremony
– Funeral Procession Service

All above pricing are for Pre-planning only. Normal and As-use price are normally 20%-30% higher that applies to all our products and services.
If you would like to know more about the above funeral packages / life plans, we are more than happy to assist you contact us and we will get in touch with you.

Our Commitment

” A commitment that transcends boundaries is bound by true love. At Nirvana, rest assured the fulfillment of that commitment is our promise “

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