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Why Do We Celebrate Winter Solstice?

Winter Solstice known as Dongzhi (冬至) in Chinese refers to the “arrival of winter”. It’s the last Chinese festival of the year before celebrating the Lunar New Year. It is also known as the longest...

Nirvana Memorial Park Karak – Unique Feng Shui Site

Yes our newly launched Nirvana Memorial Park Karak possesses a unique Feng Shui that you will be so amazed with; “Nine Dragons Endfolding The Meridian Point”. Located just next to the...

Why Many Rich People Like Sheng Ji Feng Shui?

Have you ever heard that why many rich people become richer and richer with all the good fortunes come along the way while many are still living in the misfortune and miserable life? Well if you...

Why Too Expensive?

Such question has been asked by most of our customers who are not familiar or less sensitivity to the increased of the prices in the funeral service. Especially these days after the pandemic as a...

Facing of Death

We have been taught of the fear of facing death since we were young and it has been a taboo in many religions to talk about death. Many of us only realized the departure of someone connected with us...

Our Commitment

A commitment that transcends boundaries is bound by true love. At Nirvana, rest assured the fulfillment of that commitment is our promise

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