Facing of Death

We have been taught of the fear of facing death since we were young and it has been a taboo in many religions to talk about death. Many of us only realized the departure of someone connected with us when we experienced it ourselves.

The feeling of grief and loss is definitely difficult to accept but somehow we just cannot stop it. So how can we be ready when death happened to our loved ones or someone that we connected with? Perhaps we never have such thought and perhaps we just try to escape from it by many ways through out our life.

I personally never had such fear till when my beloved mom passed away 10 years ago. It was a complete lost as I did not prepare for her departure in such a sudden way without saying “good bye” or any illness that we all have to face and “be prepared”. The situation was devastated that it took me more than 3 years to fully fading the sufferings of losing her. Mom’s sudden passing taught me that we must always prepared and be ready before the moment come. Hence, I started realised that pre-planning in life is significantly important in order to keep the impact of losing someone we love especially to be “manageable” emotionally and financially.

Since then, I decided to see that funeral pre-planning is vital and we shall arrange it when we still capable in term of financially and physically fit and sound. As we shall not leave it to others even our children as they may not follow our will or less the capability to support the increasing funeral costs these days and even in future. On the other hands, early pre-planning also gives us the choice to choose how we want our funeral or the ceremony of our end of life to be. I have encountered many cases in reality where the children have been mismanaged the will or religion belief of their deceased parents due to the different religion without fulfilling the final wish of the deceased. Such incident is really sad and should not be happened if the parents have already done their funeral pre-planning not only it will lighten the burden of the children but also the hassle of how the funeral ceremony going to be. The freedom to choose the last resting place and self-empowerment of choice are crucial with early pre-planning.

From the perspective of how we perceive death, early pre-planning also provides the strength as how we can manage our life more positively especially when facing death. Study also shows that those individual or couples that have done their funeral pre-planned have more positive and confident when dealing with critical period and condition in life in particular during the terminal stage of their illness compared with those who did not. Life is a joy when we are always filled with the positive mind and prepared for the worse arise rather than we let the misfortune hits in without any preparation.

So, now I am positive and ready when the day comes as I have done my funeral pre-planning with the choice of my own preference without giving any burden to my loved ones. How about you then?

You are welcome to share with me about your thoughts in this topic.