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Central Region Memorial Parks

Nirvana Memorial Garden – Semenyih

This is the first private memorial park in Malaysia established in 1990 by our Nirvana Asia’s founder Tan Sri Kong. It is located in Semenyih about 40km away from our capital city Kuala Lumpur. Aside from its award-winning landscaping and gardens, breath-taking views, stunning architecture and excellent Feng Shui, it is also famed for its landmark attractions such as the most expensive Chinese Calligraphy Stone Gallery in Southeast Asia and the spectacular Multi-purpose Complex that houses the Temple of 3-Saints, the site of the largest annual Enlightenment Ceremony in Malaysia during the prayers season.

The 642 acre Nirvana Memorial Park (Old Site) together with the Nirvana Memorial Garden offer various burial plots and columbaria that cater to multiple denominations that include Royal Family Burial Land, Family Burial Land, Oriental Villa (Columbarium), Christian Garden and Pet Garden – the first Pet Memorial Garden in Malaysia that specially dedicated to celebrating the unique loving bond between people and their animal companions.

The natural scenic landscaping has received wide acclaim and endorsements from renowned Feng Shui masters and practitioners for its superior landform features. The “Raising Dragon to the Sky” landform found at the Nirvana Memorial Garden noted for its ability to bring blessings of abundance, great fortune and prosperity, as well as status and longevity for descendants of those who find eternal rest here. Multiple distinguished local and international personalities such as veteran actress Datuk Lai Meng, entertainer Cheng Kam Cheong, legendary Shanghai actress and singer Bai Guang, local Chinese educationist Dato’Sim Mow Yu and Malaysian politician Tan Sri Lee Siow Yew also found their final resting at Nirvana Memorial Park Semenyih.

Nirvana Center KL

Located in the urban bustle of Malaysia’s financial capital of Kuala Lumpur, Nirvana Center Kuala Lumpur or Nirvana 2 chalks another milestone for Nirvana Asia as Asia’s first integrated memorial centre. Established in 2018, this 5-star multi-functional memorial complex equipped with columbarium, parlour, Buddhist prayers hall and complete bereavement care services all in one building. It also provides a centre hub for promoting life education and reinvigorating culture and spirituality to the city’s urban population with its strategic and historical adjacent to the Selangor KL Guangxi Association.

NCKL 2 was designed as a simple yet modern complex that belies its rich interior that houses a fully air-conditioned bereavement care centre. The reception lobby resembles that of a luxury hotel, complete with a waiting lounge with comfortable chaise lounge sofas and armchairs. A stylish café can be found at the level 1 of the building for visitors to have a drink and grab a bite while visiting. All the spacious funeral parlours are integrated with 3D projection mapping technology for truly memorable presentations to memorialise the departed. The temple of the 3-Saints, a solemn and beautifully ivory-white sanctuary where spiritual talks and ceremonies can be held ie the breathless “Ascension Ceremony” has gained a lot of attention with its visual spectacle ceremony embraces latest innovations to preserve and present funeral culture and tradition to our new generation as a tribute to complete and everlasting love to the departed.

Nirvana Memorial Park – Shah Alam

Our Shah Alam site is the second of Nirvana Asia’s memorial parks situated less than 30km from capital city Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. From the idea arose beautifully landscaped gardens celebrating Chinses culture and ancient architecture. The magnificient columbaria, namely the Heritage Courts, Tang Villa and Ming Palaces designed based on the traditional Chinese “Siheyuan” or courtyard houses found in Beijing and rural Shanxi.

The spectacular buildings create an amazing backdrop for various Chinese festivals celebrated annually at the memorial park. It is part of Nirvana Asia’s drive to transform public perception of cemeteries as sombre places and to reintroduce the value of filial piety through reverence for ancestors as part of traditional celebrations such as the Chinese New Year and Mid-autumn Festival that always be the main attraction to our guests here.

Check out the latest newly launch columbarium of Song Villa here :

Nirvana Memorial Park – Klang

Nirvana Memorial Park Klang is developed around the central theme of “coming home” by creating a place of peace and warmth where one way returns to be reunited with loved ones at the end of the allegorical journey that is life. It is also the third established memorial par of Nirvana Asia near the Royal Town of Klang, which is less than 45km from Kuala Lumpur.

Amidst superb landforms and graceful natural surroundings that bring assurance of excellent Feng Shui, Nirvana Memorial Park Klang bring together a harmonious fusion of modern and traditional that is reflected in the landscape and architectural elements. The main building housing the Temple of 3-Saints, multi-purpose hall, visitor centre and columbaria dominate the memorial park’s landscape in traditional Chinese style. In maintaining the concept of “coming home”, other structures take a more daring modern approach through use of steel and glass for naturally lit interiors to create a calming Zen atmosphere.

Nirvana Memorial Park – Ijok

It is the first memorial park in Malaysia by Nirvana Asia to combine contemporary aesthetics with thematic landscaping, Nirvana Memorial Park Ijok draws its inspiration from Six Dynasties period of fable. “The Peach Blossom Spring” by recreating a utopian paradise set amidst the scenic panorama of Kuala Selangor’s Ijok township. Part of its attractions is the 350m long Spring Blossom Street lined with tecoma trees – the tropical equivalent of Sakura.

Nirvana Memorial Park – Ipoh

As described by renowned Feng Shui masters as an auspicious land closest to heavenly perfection on earth, our Nirvana Memorial Park Ipoh represents the most majestic memorial parks in Malaysia. Surrounding by a breathtaking hilly landscape that is synonymous with the Kinta district, the memorial park is Nirvana Asia’s first foray into Peninsular Malaysia’s second largest state of Perak with the highest point of memorial park in our Central Titiwangsa plateau.

It is particularly noted for its rare Feng Shui landform that resembles a recumbent Qilin – an auspicious beast from Chinese mythology – which is very much sought after by Chinese emperors of the past and influential people of today for its powerful quality. Crowning the highest peak of the memorial park is a masterpiece example known as the Temple of Heaven. This multi-purpose complex is inspired by its namesake in Beijing, incorporating the modern and traditional elements for an entirely unique reinterpretation. The Grand Cupola houses a massive statue of Amitabha Buddha encircled by hollowed walls forming the Heart Sutra to create a spectacular display of light and shadow. Complementing the structure is dramatic reflecting pool that mirrors the sky to convey the divine supremacy of Heaven. Nirvana Memorial Park Ipoh is truly an ideal resting place that honours the past with a vision for the future.
Check out the new Nirvana Parlour that located in the central of Ipoh town ( previously Rex Cinema )

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