Why Too Expensive?

Such question has been asked by most of our customers who are not familiar or less sensitivity to the increased of the prices in the funeral service. Especially these days after the pandemic as a results of the lack of productivity and delayed in logistic, generally everything single thing has gone up the price. We as a funeral care provider also feels the pain and Nirvana Asia’s Funeral package or we generally refer to Nirvana Life Plan has increased twice since last October.

And starts from 1st October 2023, our most sought after popular funeral package such as Nirvana Elegant (A) will increase to RM30,800 for pre-plan from RM27,800. The upgraded package with the luxury Kawakita hearse will increase to RM33,800 for pre-plan as well with free six units of Golden Harvest Rewards Cash valued at RM120,000. However, such adjustment of prices are inevitable as major cost of the funeral items such as the coffin and other prayers accessories have gone up drastically since the pandemic.

If we compared the prices of the funeral package in the market, the package price of Nirvana Asia remains affordable and reasonable as we do offer the quality service especially with the free cash rewards. Nirvana Asia was the first private funeral company that operated in Malaysia since year 1990 and just celebrated its 30th Anniversary during the MCO in 2020. In conjunction of the anniversary as well as a token of appreciation to the customers especially those have been with Nirvana Asia for many years and generations, our Founder Tan Sri Kong has decided to share his joy and profits from his Musang King Durian Farm project located in Raub with his customers. Such rewards will distribute the annual cash rewards of RM20,000 per unit of GHR to the purchaser of selective products such as burial plots, columbaria including funeral package.

So, if you say that why our funeral package is so expensive I personally will answer it is a privilege to be our Nirvana Asia’s customer for the cash gift you received not to mentioned the long established reputation and quality of our service.

Meanwhile, we also provide the free interest instalment plan for every purchase of our products for 2-5 years payment term to cater for your needs and affordability. We always emphasize the important of pre-planning as not only we can lock the increase of price and cost in future but for the ease of our mind for ourselves and our loved ones when unexpected hits in. The different process of pre-plan package or any of our products compared with normal instant price varies approximately 20% – 35% depending on the type of products.

So why have to wait if you can make the decision now and lock the price of our funeral package as we do not know when we going to need it? It can be now or 20 years later where the funeral price may cost you more than RM100,000!

Talk to Yankee Life Planning now if you have any question and we are happy to assist you for a better deal and save more money.