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Why Many Rich People Like Sheng Ji Feng Shui?

Have you ever heard that why many rich people become richer and richer with all the good fortunes come along the way while many are still living in the misfortune and miserable life?

Well if you realized the outcomes of the Sheng Ji Feng Shui, perhaps you will agree with me that it does help to bring the good luck or energy of good Qi to the specific individual who “planted” or installed the Sheng Ji. Since the ancient time, Chinese kingdom in the past have been practicing the ritual of “Living Tomb”or Sheng Ji which in the cultural belief can bring a significant and yet powerful change of energy of the King to bring more prosperity and longevity of the King. Through out the Chinese history, it has been proof that those Kings that had installed the Sheng Ji did performed well in their kingdom with longer life compared with those who did not. Hence many Chinese have followed the practice especially those businessmen with the strong belief of the benefits of Sheng Ji guided by the Feng Shui master.

The reason of Sheng Ji is based on the belief of the lack of good elements in our birthdate or Ba Zi from the moment we were born and hence by installing the Sheng Ji, it does enhance and change the energy of a specific individual through the auspicious energy of the physical surrounding of the land. Therefore, choosing the desired and ideal place for Sheng Ji installation is crucial to ensure that the desired outcomes will prosper and improve the overall wellbeing or wishes of the individual.

In liau of the traditional practice of “living tomb”, Sheng Ji ritual will need to gather the DNA of the individual such as clothes, fingernails, hairs and a vial of blood collected from the person and place it in the urn and bury in the pre-purchase burial plot with the ritual performed by the Feng Shui master. The time and position taken will be based on the birtdate of the individual who installs the Sheng Ji. It is believed that upon the installation of the Sheng Ji, many aspects of the individual will change positively according to their desired wish. Many of times, person who suffers chronic illness or who was badly suffered from financial loss may choose to perform such ritual in order to change their bad energy with the help of the powerful positive energy from the plot of auspicious land of the Sheng Ji Feng Shui.

So now we can understand why many rich people become richer and richer especially those tycoons from Hong Kong and Taiwan are very much influenced and cultivated for long term prosperity of their business kingdom and tot heir descendants by Sheng Ji Feng Shui. At Nirvana Semenyih Memorial Garden, the NV Seeds Site has been established by our Feng Shui Master Wong based on the ideal excellent Feng Shui structure and location of the Lung Gui since year 2018. Instead of spending hundreds of thousand ringgit, we can now purchase a lot of NV Seed with RM20,000 where a group Sheng Ji Feng Shui ceremony will be held twice a year to perform the ritual. Many of our customers who believe in SHeng Ji Feng Shui have participated the ritual and gained significant positive changes in their life such as for longevity, career growth, health improvement, family harmony and many other aspects in life.

So, do you believe the benefits of Sheng Ji Feng Shui or you believe more on yourself? Contact me for more information about the latest offer of NV Seeds by Nirvana with special discount and more GHR Cash Rewards!