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Nirvana Memorial Park Karak – Unique Feng Shui Site

Yes our newly launched Nirvana Memorial Park Karak possesses a unique Feng Shui that you will be so amazed with; “Nine Dragons Endfolding The Meridian Point”. Located just next to the Karak Highway towards Bentong and the Eastern coastline of Peninsular Malaysia, Nirvana Memorial Park is easily accessible for people around Klang Valley as well as the eastern part of the area including Raub and Kuantan.

The precious landforms of Nirvana Memorial Park Karak evoke the imagery of nine dragons encircling the park symbolizing powerful and auspicious forces. The surrounding terrains and geographical conditions possess unique Feng Shui bestowing immense blessings and prosperity for the descendants of the ascendants who chose to find their last resting here. Further to this, the river that runs in front of the site akin to a “Jade Belt” embraces the front of the bright hall, bringing forth an ambiance of renewal and abundance. The presence of the hills and the layered signify career ascent and boundless possibilities of pursuits of future generations of the family.

The most significant Feng Shui of the site is the distant front landform shaped like a traditional square-shaped “Official’s hat” of ancient Chinese indicating future generations will attain power and bring glory and honor to the family. The gathering of wealth is further enhanced by the presence of a pool that reflects the sun and moon situated in the center of the site connecting both the higher side and lower side of the site. The pool of water not only enhances the natural beauty of the memorial park but also signifies the flow of abundance of the wealth of the descendants. Facing East, this geomantic treasure welcomes the arrival of “Purple Qi” which is closely associated with luck and prosperity while Purple Qi represents authority and nobility constantly renewing and regenerating.

With the new launch of the Nirvana Memorial Park Karak, which appeared to be the 16th Nirvana Memorial Park in Malaysia, we are offering an early bird promotion with a discount of up to 25% for all the burial plots including family plots. Single burial plots priced from RM32,150 with free 4 GHR valued at RM80,000 and Double burial plots priced from RM58,350 with free 6 GHR valued at RM120,000 (Contact Yankee for more details about the promotions and GHR).

Backed by the RM100mil Maintenance Trust Fund of Nirvana Asia and the ISO Certifications ie ISO9001, ISO45001 and ISO1001, Nirvana Asia has been the first privatized Memorial Park that has been trusted by Malaysians since year 1990.